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                          • Cylinder automation system solution

                            Function introduction: System uses independent intellectual property rights feedback charging and discharging module, set ...

                            Introduction to technical advantages: •Integrated semi automation / automation into capacitive mechanical unit and OCV/IR test unit, reducing the operator workload, reducing human error, high efficiency, high quality, to meet the needs of various customer production.
                            As is the power module to check the pallet based unit, check the parameters of batch NO, brand board with all the tray bar code NO IDNO and battery used, traceability management
                            The necessary data by the unified management of the host computer

                            Frame core removable battery tray design, standard pallet frame with various types of battery box core, easy to use, more conducive to the warehouse management, and can quickly complete the semi-automatic / automatic equipment production changeovers, improve production efficiency

                            System component introduction

                            Automation Engineering Overview:
                            The formation and separation sections, and test equipment used for static process, power supply cabinet provides battery current, voltage and capacity required capacity when the battery capacity control, process monitoring and protection, battery capacity in the process of collecting data, and MES database system of data exchange with the test machine.
                            Logistics system and related equipment to achieve the same MES docking system by supporting management system, through the implementation of integrated dispatching system of downstream system equipment and the matching of production capacity, to meet the requirements of the production process production line.

                            System security strategy
                            Power temperature monitoring Power internal temperature real-time monitoring
                            Smoke monitoring Monitor the smoke generated in the battery test platform (automatic fire fighting is feasible)
                            CPU anomaly monitoring CPU anomaly, watchdog timer unit for real-time monitoring
                            Environmental temperature monitoring Monitoring the temperature environment around the battery
                            Network anomaly monitoring The data on the network anomaly by interactive response timer, CRC16 fixed position examination even check manner always monitoring
                            Using flame retardant materials The power supply board and discharging fixture, and a guide plate, wire and cable, to prevent fire when combustion, the materials used are flame retardant (VO) and its high fire extinguishing material

                          • Solution of cylindrical rapid clamping system

                            Function introduction: The rapid clamping device can reduce the time and the operation of the upper and the lower batte...

                            Introduction to technical advantages: The standard, 18650 and 26650 two batteries with a fixture.
                            The board adopts inclined angle, good vision and high utilization rate.
                            Product channel number: 66160 battery equipment for the 120 channel, 18650 and 26650 battery equipment for the 512 channel

                          • Solution of cylinder semi automation system

                            Function introduction: In the traditional production process of lithium battery capacity to link, due to the limitation of...

                            Introduction to technical advantages:

                            Titan uses energy feedback charging and discharging module module has 3A/5V, 6A/5V, 12A/5V and other specifications, can meet the different types of battery into the production capacity requirements.

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